Sunday, March 1, 2020


Hello! Its been so long, how are you? what have you been up to?

In the beginning (September 2019) we thought we had a high chance of adopting this placement that we have been calling Dory on the internet.  Her story is quite shocking and sad, it has it all: Atrocious behavior of adults, mental illness, abuse, drugs, hospitalizations, failure of the county to find enough proof, etc. etc. etc. this is her third stint in foster care and she is only FIVE. I want sure how much, or what to share since a lot of it was such a bummer to hear about. So I just procrastinated writing but, I miss it. Dory is hilarious, thoughtful, kind, empathetic, and above all Extroverted.

My child loves school.

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She enjoys being there, she talks about it all the time at home, she loves her friends she worries about them all the time and she is bummed out when it is the weekend and she "has" to stay home. My child LOVES school. She wants to be a janitor so she can stay late and clean. 

I had to take her out of school - not my choice - to drive downtown. I made a deal with Dory that I would drive as fast as I could to our appointment and back so she would miss just a little bit of school. Reluctantly she agreed. I picked her up, she ran clumsily to the car. we drove downtown parked, ran to the appointment, jogged back to the car and started driving. She began to compose a song about how much she loved school. it started with "glo-OOO-OOO-OOO-ria" from angels we have heard on high and just ended with how much she loves school.

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We get to school. My long legged clumbsy girl sprinted down the hallway in a way I have never seen her move. She was a graceful gazelle. I chased after her saying "Dory, slow down, there are teachers here, just pretend you're walking fast" and each student in the hall mumbled "hey, shes running in the hall! that's not allowed!" the chase continued. She didn't pause in front of the heavy classroom door before she dramatically burst in, "GLOOOOOOOOOOORIA! I LOVE SCHOOL!" as all of her classmates were quietly sitting on the carpet having a talk about how to be quiet and respectful in the classroom. Ironic.

My child LOVES school.

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